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Pishro Kooshan Sepahan

In 1998, it was registered with the aim of participating in sustainable development and improving the quality and productivity of the country's industries and production sector, and in 2001, it received a license from the Industries and Mines Organization with the following specialized subject:

Manufacture and supply of parts, fittings and rail fixers (spring rail rail fasteners)

Taking advantage of the combination of young, creative and talented people along with experienced people, the company has been successful in designing and manufacturing parts in the country's major industries such as aviation, rail industry, iron and steel, petrochemical and oil. Complicated by optimizing parts manufacturing methods in various industries.
The use of new and professional software for design, engineering and computational and modern technologies has played an effective role in realizing the lofty aspirations of this collection, and while reducing production and prototyping costs, it has had a significant impact on mass production of parts.
Pico's management approach to quality management systems as a fundamental strategy is another strength that can be a point of reliance and confidence in the company.
The set of these resources and facilities enabled the company to effectively manage production, supply and design of the parts manufacturing process.

Field Activities

  • Part Manufacturing by Hot Forming (Forge)
  • Rail Parts and Accessories Manufacturer
  • Part Manufacturing Cement Plants
  • Oil and Petrochemical Industrial Parts
  • Special Bolts and Nuts (Special Size and Material)
  • Engineering Serviese

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