This laboratory is a partner of various organizations in the field of complete tests of railway equipment.
General tests including tensile, compression, hardness, fatigue, metallography and microscopic construction for raw material and finished parts are done according to valid standards. special tests could be performed on customer demand accordingly.

Metalography Lab

Pico Metallurgical Laboratory has the ability to examine the microstructure of various metal parts and determine the quality of heat treatment, surface thickness, depth of decarbonization and the quality of coatings up to 1000 times magnification. The system is equipped with a professional camera for photography and image analysis software for statistical analysis of microstructured images.

Mechanical Tests

The laboratory is able to perform all ordinary tests such as tensile, compression, hardness, and fatigue according to customer demand.
1- Tensile test
In this laboratory, the tensile test is performed with the help of a 25-ton device with an extensometer and a set of clamps to restrain all types of samples.
2- Pressure test
In this laboratory, the pressure test can be performed by a 25 ton machine with different speeds.
3- Hardness test
All hardness test types (Rockwell, Brinell, and VicKers )
4- Fatigue test
The laboratory is able to perform fatigue test in a wide range of force, frequency, displacement, and fixture design